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 Read this if u r accepted!!!!

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Dennis Dman
Super Administrator

PostSubject: Read this if u r accepted!!!!   Mon Apr 06, 2009 5:37 pm

first gratz for being cop/soldeir! =)

well u r now cop and u sweared to b honset and good preson so b one.

there is one bug in the game with cops /ticket cops cant ticket
so here the following things cops do instead of /ticket:

u stop the man u want to ticket and u ask him to /pay to u the ticket (u choose the price)

if the man escapes so u do /suspect
if the player is armed and he resist with fire he need to b killed
cops can arrest ppl only if the person and the cop is near the jail (like in real life)
cops can kill in the next cases
1. the suspect evaded 3 time ticket or evaded 1 time arrest
2. if the suspect returns fire/kills cops/cilivils
3. if the suspect is serial killer(hitmen)

cmds at the lspd:
/lspdgate (open gate) /lspdgar (open garage) /lspdel(1-3) (call the elvator)

u r now part of SA army protect it against terrorists and enemys

soldeirs got same cmds as cops but soldeirs got permission to kill in the begining
cops dont have
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Read this if u r accepted!!!!
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